How to delete or clear rows in Glide Tables? - newbie

Hello All,
I am a super new user to Glide. Still getting my feet wet. I am mocking up an app for our company to see if the sales staff would like to use this SaaS.
I copied the Property Management app and editing for our use. After a search in documentation, videos, and here at the community, I can not find how to delete or clear rows of data. :weary:
In the screenshot below, I would like to clear/delete the data from row 4 down.
How do you do this simple task?


Welcome Ana!

Hover the mouse at this little square next Row ID column, you’ll realize that you can select a row

Select the row you want to delete > press Delete in your keyboard

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I did everything but that… Use the keyboard delete. :woman_facepalming:

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I don’t know if this consoles you, but it took me a long time to figure it out :sweat_smile:

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@ana_lee if you have lots and lots of rows then you could use a robot to delete the rows as described in this post.


@Krivo Thank you! I bet this will be helpful in the near future.

omg- i was trying to do the same thing yesterday and could not figure it out ! thank you !!

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You’re welcome!!