How to delete rows in a Glide table from inside Glide?

After building and then testing the app multiple times I now have several rows I want to purge, but I can’t figure out the way to do it. The check box on the left of the Glide table doesn’t open any new functionality.

Also, because there’s no proper Admin profile to build apps, and Glide really wants to hold on to all the email addresses I used for testing the email addresses keep getting written back into the User table even after deletion…

It’s like I need a way to get a fresh start with the app.


Click the checkmark inside the box for that row and then press the delete button on your keyboard.


Ahhh, so simple, of course. That worked but it was kind of buggy, delete a row and it disappears, then reappears, then disappears again.

I think it is because Glide is updating the action that you did but finally the row goes gone.

This happen in the UI too, and it is a big problem in my Apps… Ghost rows (Sometimes they come back!)

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My chromebook doesn’t have a delete button. Any other solutions?


No that doesn’t work at all. And the fact that I have to run to my desktop anytime I need to delete something is frustrating. I would like GlideApps to just add a delete row or cell option like google sheets has.

Update - It didn’t work because I was using Glide from a stand alone window. Tried it from the web browser tab and it worked. I still would like them to add the delete functionality in the menu options.


Help. Still doesnt work in 2022

Do you have trouble with deleting rows from the data view or the delete action? Do the rows come back or something else?

I have the same problem here… I work on a macbook. £
I select a row. I press the delete key (the arrow pointing left), but nothing happens… I tried many combinations…
For now I created a page whose purpose is deleting… but it sucks

Are you sure you’re using the correct key?
On my Macbook, the delete key is at the top-right and has the word “delete” on it.
The key with the left arrow (bottom right) is just used for moving left - not for deleting anything.

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In my Windows keyboard the delete key is here that you need to press!

I’m not sure about Mac ( I have never touched mac devices still in my life, unfortunately :slightly_smiling_face: ) but I searched on google that it has the delete key on top!

Thank you

Yes, that is the right key.

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Hello! I would like to ask; How do you delete rows on mobile glide? I’m using glide through a mobile browser and I can’t delete rows.

Do you mean that you are using the glide builder and the data editor on a mobile device?