Ghost rows (Sometimes they come back!)

How to solve the problem of ghost rows that occasionally return to the list after they have been deleted, or after they are no longer part of the multiple relation that feeds the list.
They come back occasionally and then they go away after some seconds…
This not only happens in the Glide Builder but also in the devices where the APP is installed.
It seems like a refresh problem …
What is the logic? It seems to me that this happens:

  • the APP updates the data locally and the row disappear
  • the APP informs the excel sheet that the row is no longer there
  • in the meantime, however, he receives from Excel that the row still exists and therefore the APP makes it reappear in the list
  • in the next synchronization he receives from Excel that the row is no longer there and therefore makes it disappear from the local data.
    Did I guess?
    Is this problem solvable in some way?

I’m pretty sure that’s what happens. I’ve been experiencing this recently

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All my applications suffer from this problem; it seems to me that the problem is also getting worse day by day.
It is a bad thing for the APP users because they are confused by this.
Can anyone help in any way?


I have the same problem when I delete rows.
Usually they disappear then come back and disappear again.

This is not nice.


Same. Using also glide tables

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If you can make this happen, please send a video showing how to make it happen and a link to your app to


This happens when you select multiple rows at once in the GDE and then hit the backspace key. It appears to delete all the rows, but momentarily, all rows but the first row return.


Also my experience

Thanks David, :pray: I sent the mail just now.

Exactly. This happens whether the row is deleted, or it is no longer part of a relation when a relation column feeds the list.

The problem seems more marginal when using glide tables; but the downside is that, using glide tables, then I can no longer do the operations of rotuine for the maintenance of the database, which I do from apps script, since the data are rows in the sheets …

So I’m in a dead end. This being the case, I have no hope of building reliable b2b applications.
Imagine when the user place an order with multiple child rows; he will have to insert and delete child rows and continuously, in that child list, deleted rows appear or rows that must exist disappear and then reappear.

So I was thinking of doing everything on Glide tables … But if my order headers and my order rows are in glide tables, how can I delete an order completely (including its child rows) post-later, since it is not possible to launch in GDE a sql action of update that acts on several lines at the same time?

In short, I can’t find a solution and I’m really really frustrated!

In my experience you cannot use Glide Tables reliably for any ‘mission critical’ data. There is no data management, simple deletion is weird, etc.

It is much, much faster than working with GSheet data though. In my apps I use a Glide Table to write too and fro with time-critical data to improve response times on the device, keeping the must-keep data in GS.


Yes. I think that the best solution is in fact a hybrid database, partly distributed in the glide tables where intermediate and very dynamic data are stored and partly in sheets where more static data are stored. Unfortunately I’m only finding out now and I will have to waste a lot of time to readjust my Apps. Now I have a disappointment because this problem has been feeling much stronger for a few weeks, whereas before it was almost imperceptible.

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I agree. Glide have to put more development time into the glide data editor to improve its functionality.

Also a possibility to use variables and a filter with for each loop in custom actions would be a priority requirement for me.

A rest api for glide tables would be nice too.
But to execute sql statements on the tables is a great idea too.

Perhaps as custom action too.

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Hello, can I know is there any solution on this matter? Because we’re having this issue now.

It’s still an issue.
It’s as bad as ever, but it’s spasmodic.
I’ve had it happening recently in one app, and I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully so far) to catch it on replay/loom so I can report it.

The way I currently work around it is with a combination of hard + soft delete.

You meant is you delete from google sheet itself ?

No, I don’t do anything in the Google Sheet.

In the Glide table I have a boolean column called “Deleted”.
When a user deletes a row, I have a custom action that does two things:

  • Set Column Values, setting the “Deleted” column to true
  • Delete Row

I then use visibility settings to hide any rows where Deleted is true, and I also exclude those rows from any relations.

This doesn’t solve the problem, but it does sweep it under the carpet :wink:

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Ooo i understand.
The data still there, you only filtered. Okayy
But mine is will affected the operation. meaning if you didn’t finished the operation on that row, the job is not completed. I have to delete it to cancel all operation. We no need that data.
In order to do that and make sure its not coming back i have to delete row in Glide Table or Google Sheet to really make sure it not coming back ?

In my experience, the row is ALWAYS deleted from the back end. I’ve never seen an instance where that doesn’t happen.

The bug is that the client app gets confused about the status of the row. After restarting or reloading the client app the row will always be gone.

I’d guess that how @Roldy originally described the behaviour is probably pretty close to what happens.

(Except read Glide Back End instead of Excel)


Hi everybody,

Any updates on this? I guess I’ll set up the filter option by @Darren_Murphy meanwhile.