Table Row Delete is not working


Duplicate app with copy sheet option

Delete all table data by choosing each row in the table and keyboard delete button

Update App info (name, color etc)

Come back and check the tables - some are empty(ok, expected) but one table shows all the old values although deleted (not ok)

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did you delete also the first row with columns names?

The delete can be flaky sometimes. Sometime you have to delete a row multiple times before it goes away. I think it’s a sync issue between glide and the local copy if you are making too many changes at once.

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Thanks a lot @Jeff_Hager I just need row delete as I want to keep table columns

I have a mother app from which my current app(child) has been created.

What I see happen is - at first, row delete looks ok when I delete them in the child app

I just go back and open mother app once and then come back to open child app that’s when I see all the values are back

Please watch the video below

is this too many changes? Hardly 20 rows!

this time it is even worse! All the values are back…ha!

I don’t see anything wrong with how you did it. It seemed like you did it slow enough. I’ve never had to mass deleted a bunch of rows. At most a few here and there and I have seen rows come back on occasion, but not all of them. It does seem odd that they all came back…and in multiple tables.

At this point, I would suggest submitting a support request to glide.


@Anu_from_Restogy report as defect as Jeff suggested.
Until we get a good mass deletion functionality in glide you can use a robot to help you complete the task

Have a look here