Deleted column in Google Sheets, but still shows in Glide

I deleted the ROWINDEX column in Google Sheets, but it still shows in Glide. The only reason I used Google Sheets to delete was DELETE does not show as an option in the Glide Data Editor…


Did you click on the refresh button to reload the google sheet?



Now I did… So smart I don’t know what I don’t know…


OK, though I still would like to know why I cannot delete a column in the Glide editor? I can ADD a column!

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I believe that in the Glide Data Editor you can only delete columns that you created from within the Glide Data Editor (either a basic or computed Glide column). Columns native to your Google Sheet would need to be deleted in Google Sheets.


It’s possible that it’s just a limitation of the google api.

You can.
Just select the column by clicking the row number at the far left in the Data Editor, and then hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

Alternatively, you can use a Delete Row Action from within the app.

duh, you said columns and I read rows.
Okay, ignore me.
I haven’t had my breakfast yet :crazy_face:

No, that’s fine. I’ve actually been wondering how to create some kind of purge of ‘old’ records using Delete Row Action, but I don’t see any way to put it in a loop…

yeah, Glide doesn’t support the concept of loops.

To do something like this you need to use something external to Glide, such as Apps Script or Integromat/Zapier (assuming the rows are also in a Google Sheet).

For Glide Tables, the only real option is the Glide API. But for now that’s only available to enterprise customers.

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