Deleting column is not more available?

Hi everybody! I’ve noticed that it’s no longer possible to delete a new column in data editor.
I’ll explain better; i don’t use a google sheet as data source, so if i add a new column in glide app sheet, but then i want delete it, how can i do it? I usually clicked on the drop-down button to the right side of the column name and click on Delete , but this feature it’s not more available, isn’it?
I show you, what i see from my glide app sheet.
Thanks everybody

That doesn’t look right - you should be able to delete any column in a Glide Table.

Are you 100% positive that table isn’t connected to an external source?
Can you show a larger screenshot that also includes the table list on the left hand side?


Thanks Darren_Murphy; you’re right!!!
That table was actually connected an external source; i’ve done some tests and so i can delete a new column (type basic column) only from external source, instead “particular” column as relation, math etc from glide table.
I’ve not noticed this difference, i remembered in a different way.
Thanks a lot, for fast answer!!!

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