Delete Glide columns

I am trying to clean up my glide database and I want to delete some columns. Unfortunately, so columns do not give me the option to delete them. How do you delete columns?

Go into the google sheet and delete them


As @Rosewebstudio has pointed out, it’s likely you have created columns that are brought over to the Sheet as well, so go to your original sheet, find them and delete it.

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My columns in glideapps are not deleting although they are not in my spreadsheet. How do I delete the column? It’s like if the column is added from the glideapp database, it doesn’t sync to my spreadsheet, therefore leaving a floating and useless column. Please help

What type of column is that?

It’s an If, then, else statement column

It is a Glide calculated column so it only lives inside Glide’s editor. By clicking on the down arrow you can delete it.


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@OndieM @ThinhDinh

I’ve noticed a big delay in deleting computed columns. Like, I delete a template column and it deletes 15 seconds later. Perhaps this is the issue you’re facing

Also, since we already have the ability to add basic columns, I think we deserve the option to delete them :man_shrugging:

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I think there’s a technical limitation with the Google Sheets API, like how the delete action was only able to clear the value and not really delete the row. I assume this is the same thing.



Does glide count the column if it has no label?

It will always have a label. If it has no label in your sheet I assume Glide will name it “columnX”, something like that.

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yeah I’m not so sure I would want this. Especially as there’s no delete confirmation (“Are you sure?”) in the editor. Too easy to accidentally delete the wrong column. I think I prefer that it’s a forced deliberate action - ie. go to the sheet and do it.

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I think the delete option should only be available in the editor as part of an action we create not a end user option. I think thats what Pablo is saying here.

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That too!