Why are there some columns you can and others you can't delete?

Why are there some columns you can and others you can’t delete? Try to understand Glide in this sense.

I think the general rule is:

  • You can delete any computed column
  • You can only delete non-computed columns in native (Glide) tables.

eg. If your data source is Google Sheets, then you can’t delete non-computed columns inside of the Glide Data Editor.

I work in Glide Tables and sometimes I add a column I don’t need and don’t want and then I don’t understand WHY I can’t delete it. I only want columns I use :wink:

You should be able to delete any column in a Glide table. Can you show an example of one that you can’t?

CleanShot 2023-01-01 at 16.13.33@2x

Are you 100% certain that’s a Glide Table?

That “Make Protected” option leads me to believe that it isn’t. You don’t normally see that with Glide tables.

But this is old, so maybe this was based on Google!

What colour is the Table icon on the left?
If it’s green, then it’s based on a Google Sheet (or maybe Excel).

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Yeah it was! Good to know I know now!

Yeah, stupid, but I learned something too :wink:

Any day that you learn something new is a good day. You’re off to a good start in 2023 :slight_smile:


Haha, indeed!