Remnant Date I can't get rid of on Glide

there is data in my Glide worksheet that does not exist in my google worksheet and I can’t get rid of it. I have attached screenshots for both. If you notice on my google worksheet I have rows labeled Test 1 thru Test 8. In my Glide worksheet, I have extra data after the Test 8 row starting with Test 77. I had temporarily exceeded my 500 line limit but am back under it now - not sure if that might have had something to do with it. I have attempted to clear cache, shut/open Glide etc. with no luck. This same issue exists on a bunch of my other worksheets as well. Any thoughts?

Check until the end of the sheet, like row 500-1000 to see if the data are there.

Thanks for your suggestion, ThinhDinh. I am not sure I understand what you mean as the remnant is visible after row 9 as illustrated by my screenshot. However, I did as you suggested but did not find additional data in later rows. Glide is telling me I am using 150/500 rows so - even though I had exceeded 500 for a short time earlier today - I am somewhat confused as to why this is a problem now.

Can you try highlighting the row from 10 to the end and deleting them? There should be something down there so you see the Test77 etc, otherwise it’s a bug.

I did do that with no luck. Also, I search from Test77 etc. on my sheet and could not find so I am pretty sure it only exists in Glide. Is it possible to delete things from the Glide sheet itself?

Then it’s possibly a bug. Try refresh the data again, that’s my last bet.

Thanks for your help. Did a refresh etc. but no changes. Anybody else have any thoughts? Should I just create a new app?

I went ahead and created a new app using my same Google spreadsheet and the problem went away. So I do think it is a bug.

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FYI, I’m currently experiencing this same issue.