500 rows

I’m trying to see if Glideapps will work for what we need however it says I’ve reached 500 rows and a few things seem to be broken. I really only have maybe a max of 75 data rows so I can’t fathom how I’ve already reached 500. I tried emailing support but it said to just post to this forum.

The count is correct. You’re likely using ARRAYFORMULA which is generating rows that look empty in your sheet, but they contain blank values. Delete the empty rows in your sheet.

Thank you! I didn’t use an arrayformula but with your tip, I did find that my googlesheets was appending records after all these empty rows. Problem solved.

Always is a good practice to have the sheets with only and only the rows that are being used and delete the other ones because then you control where Glide is appending the new rows.