Message: Storage for this App is full?

I am new to Glide and have just been playing with making an app. The app only has 24 rows of data and 12 columns, but I am getting a message saying “Storage for this app is full. Some items might not display”.

Hi, Jill, i can’t seem to find your Glide account. If you message me the email you used to sign up for Glide, I can look into your app’s message.
I have deleted all my test apps…except ATL Kiwi Club… I can’t open it or find a way to delete it. It is very small though and shouldn’t be causing a problem.
I’ve seen you in the example apps in Jack’s videos!

One of the tabs in your sheet has hundreds of rows in it. There’s a 500-row limit for free apps.

I have deleted many of my spreadsheets and on other spreadsheets manually deleted over 800 rows on each.
My experience with excel is limited, and I think there must be a setting to limit the rows and column to only the ones with data rather than a default 1000 rows and a-z columns.
I guess I better learn Google sheets before learning to Glide.

Thank you for your reply. I have built websites before and am looking forward to replacing them with this!

Glide doesn’t count empty rows. If you share your sheet with I can look and tell you the specific problem.

maybe you use arrayformula and not resticted the array for the blank row

I don’t think this is the same sheet used by your app. Can you please delete the empty rows as we suggest in our documentation?

I have only been using video tutorials. You have documents? That would be much more helpful for me. A step by step guide.

I would be happy to donate to Glide…Maybe you could incorporate a “Donate” button? :grin:

Here’s the documentation:

You can donate by clicking ‘Upgrade app’ :wink:

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I am facing the same issue. “Storage for this App is full”

  • I have 220/500 rows of data
  • I have removed the only column having formulas in my gsheet.

Is there anything else to check ?

Thank you

Was it an arrayformula that had a value in every row, weather you were using it or not? Did you reload the sheet after removing the formula column? Are you getting your row count from what the Glide builder says, or are you counting the rows yourself?

Thank you Jeff for your answer.

  • it was on every row (my file has 15 tabs, on 1 tab (“team”), I have created a column adress to merge column street and column city)
  • more precisely, I did not removed the column but the formula inside (I have copy/paste values)
  • I have clicked on “reload sheet” in Glide (even more disconnect an reconnected to my account)
  • The row counter is from Glide on the left menu

OK Self-answer.
I had this message because of map limitation for free usage. => More than 10 Pins on map for adresse
=> It might be good to have a better explanation of limitation (I tought it was only number of rows, was not aware of 10 Pins on Map if address)
=> solution to have more than 10 Pins is to convert “adress” into GPS coordinate

Thank you !

I didn’t realize it displayed the same message when having too many map pins as well. For some reason I thought that it had a different message. Glad you got it figured out.

I am having the same problem.
Few of the informations are not displayed and few are not shown while editing the data through app feature.

Can anyone help me??

When you check your quota’s have you exceeded any of them?

I have used maximum 7 columns and 499 rows in one sheet.

What do your quotas show?

499 sounds awfully close to the 500-row limit for free apps!

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