Full storage with map pins

Hello, I have problem because my storage is full and I can’t see the elements, especially on my map. Unable to work.
This is a post about but it’s still doesn’t work for me:

  • I don’t have a formula column
  • I have 58/500 rows
  • I also deleted apps to lighten my team’s storage file which was full.

This is indeed a map, I saw the hypothesis of pin limitation. However, before I was able to see more than 10 pins on a map.
Can you confirm that this is a pin limitation issue or do you have any other explanations/solutions?

Did you use coordinates as address before?

Hello !
In fact I have never used the coordinates for this app and would like to avoid doing so.
So I had the markers (more than 10) with only the addresses.
I would like to be sure about the restrictions and know the different limits according to the plans but I did not find this info

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