Free map limit reached message

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Hi, I am on a free plan but despite having all my accommodations geocoded with coordinates in addition to addresses, I get the “free map limit reached”. In addition, my app was one of the very early ones so benefited from the ability to not have row limits when the Pro plan was introduced.

Why thus do I have this message and how can I get rid of it?

Any chance you have got past 1000 coordinates?

Hi, could it be that you have more than 10?

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Hi, when Glide introduced the pro plans they said the following :

My app was one of those that existed before the price introduction and had already gone over 500 rows. I am displaying pins using coordinates, NOT address-based and finally I added all my rows across the sheets and I have 923 so below 1,000.

Therefore I don’t understand why I’m getting that message?

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Ahh I see, sorry, sounds like you have checked everything. Hope you get it resolved soon :man_shrugging:

Your app is definitely showing more than 10 pins. Is there a chance that a small number of rows do not have correct coordinates? Maybe a recently added row pushed you over the limit. For now I’m ignoring the fact you were grandfathered in with features to first diagnose why you get the message.

Found the issue. When I pasted some data in from another spreadsheet, I hadn’t set up the coordinates right so the app was picking up the address from the address column instead of the coordinates column.

I now have to figure out why it shows the favourites options (all/favourites) despite not having sorted the map by favourites.


Glad you worked it out.