“Free map limit reached. Some locations may not be displayed.”

My app’s URL: https://weworknyc.glideapp.io/

I have an app with 66 locations I’d like to plot on a map. However the map view says “Free map limit reached. Some locations may not be displayed.” and only a small sub section is displayed. Is this a limitation of using a free account? Does the API only allow 10 or so locations to be displayed? Is there a workaround?

I’d say the only workaround is to create more maps, for example a map for every district that shows offices in that district.
The alternative is to use coordinates instead of addresses.

Ah ok. So there’s a limit to how many addresses it will display on the one map? And co-ordinates don’t count towards that limit?

Read it here https://community.glideapps.com/t/announcing-changes-to-free-and-pro-apps/1485


As @thebepps points out via the link, 10 address based pins make up the free limit.

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Ok perfect thanks!

Another great workaround is to upgrade :wink:



Hi, do you have an idea why I’d get “free map limit reached” if I just have 5 pins? I change the underlying data (clearing previous sheet values and entering others) but I always reload the sheet.

Do you have a link to the app you can share? Should be good for 10 pins if it has to geocode addresses into coordinates. Are you using filters for your map at all?

Bonjour jeff
J’ai fait un test : hpg3p.glideapp.io
Il y a juste un problème de >stricte 10 . Sur la page de développement il affiche 9 marqueurs au max (pas très grave…) Sur l’ appli partagé l’affichage est correct.
mais 10 ce n’est vraiment pas beaucoup …On est une petite association de 20 personnes sur toute la France et je voulais leur montrer la répartition sur le territoire … ben pas possible :frowning:

@TontonBill 10 broches sur la carte est la limite des applications gratuites si vous fournissez des adresses. Je crois qu’il y a une limite car cela coûte de l’argent à Glide pour que les adresses soient converties en coordonnées géocodées pour afficher l’adresse sous forme de broche sur la carte. Si vous convertissez ensuite les adresses en coordonnées de latitude et de longitude, vous ne serez pas limité à 10. Par exemple, Paris deviendrait “48.858771,2.345573”.

@TontonBill 10 pins on the map is the limit for free apps if you are providing addresses. I believe there is a limit because it costs Glide money for addresses to be converted into geocoded coordinates to display the address as a pin on the map. If you convert the addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates then, then you won’t be limited to 10. For example, Paris would become “48.858771,2.345573”.