Is there a limit on the number of map pins? I need 1300

Greetings, I’ve built a nonprofit client a website on Glide pages. They are a database or 1300 churches, 70 summer camps, 80 nonprofits, etc… When I create a map using my airtable of 1300 churches only 100 or so of them show up, even when I try to turn off the feature that limits the number of pushpins … OR… .when I turn it on and then set the limit to 1500 pushpins. It seems like no more than 100 or so show up on the map. Only when you start searching by name or use a filter to show just a certain category of entries/pushpins do they start showing up on the site.

Here is a video show the problem in real time.

Do you have a paid plan for this page or not?

Yes. It’s a paid plan.


Are a lot of your pins in similar locations? What happens when you zoom into a particular city? You are showing a very zoomed out view. Many pins may be layered on top of each other.

I do think there is a 1000 pin limit, but I’m not sure which paid plan you need for that.

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There is a video link in the post showing what happens. There are just no pins at all shown in some states when there are in fact like 25… Colorado for example

Sorry, I missed the video. I can’t think of anything that would be preventing the pins from showing. I know that glide has to pay for geocoding each address, so that’s one reason for the limit among some other possible technical limitations. But like I said, you should be getting 1000 pins. I’m pretty sure that’s the limit for maps in Glide apps.

There is a preference for using coordinates instead of addresses, since they don’t have to be geocoded. So if you have a way to convert those addresses to coordinates, then that would be something to try.


Didn’t know that’ about coordinates. I’m using airtable. perhaps there is a way to just automate a geocode lookup for each address in airtable and put long/lat in another column


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Or you can try this API straight in the fetch URL column.


Hi Thinh Dinh,

Can you explain how this can be done?

Here’s a video from Robert.

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You guys deserve some serious Starbucks giftcards for this stuff. Many thanks.

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