Pro app limitation for map pins

So I am building an app on a pro account that has a lot of map pins. The app stopped loading. I removed a majority of the pins and the app just is slow to load the map. Any resolutions to this issue?

Could you please share your app?

Where’s the map in your app?

in the button that says green the grid. I removed most of the pins. I was told I could upload more than 1000. There are was over 19,000 pins. Is there a larger plan to cater to this?

We are currently technically limited there. We’ll have to implement pin clusters to support more than about 1000 pins.

I’d maybe consider having a set of lists that let you drill down to country, state, county, etc before displaying the map.

Othewise, I wonder if the map is geocoding all of those addresses each time. I wonder if feeding it coordinates instead would be faster.

Im sorry im not sure what pin clustering is

It’s the grouping of several pins into one (sometimes with a count of how many pins the single pin contains), until you zoom in and the pins expand.

Here’s an example:

how would I accomplish this within glide? should I be using the documentation to accomplish this or was this just for the purpose of an example?

Just clarifying what Mark said, and what you asked about what clustering is, with a random example I found on the internet. It’s not currently an option and something they would have to develop.

so this is not something that is happening right now

It’s not supported. We support up to 1,000 pins.

ok. I asked before I built it and i was told that i could add more of anything, thats why i told person I was building for that it was possible.

You can show 1,001 pins, sure. You can’t do 10,000 for performance reasons.

would it help it i did 4 different maps?

Yes! Most people who need a lot of pins will categorize their pins, splitting them across different maps.

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So does the ‘Business plane’ allow the use of more pins, up to 10,000 as the page says? And custom pins, different by category? That would be a great solution to our need if true. Thx! Wayne

If you have your addresses also in long and lat the amount of numbers is the precision.
You can create long lat columns for 3 chars, 5 chars, 8 chars (however many are needed)
You take the long lat and take the left(lat, 3), you should have a lot of the “same”,… basically grouping them to a cluster. Maybe based on some filters you can decide which map (with the different underlaying datasources) to show.

What’s the ideal number of pins per map for performance reason? Mine is getting really slow and it’s currently not working to display my current location on the map to see what’s closest (thinking it’s related)