More than 1000 pins per map

Hi all,

I was wondering what was causing the 1000 pins per map limit and if there are any plans to increase that limit in the future. Not that we need this at the moment, but it would be good to know in advance as we build our app :slight_smile:



There are two limiting factors:

  1. the price we pay for geocoding
  2. the fact that we haven’t implemented clustering in maps yet

Because of the latter reason you most likely don’t even want 1000 pins in a single map - it would just look like a sea of pins. But we will address that eventually.

Thanks for the super quick feedback !!! :slight_smile:

Completely understand and great that this might come in the future!

With respect to your second comment (about not wanting 1000 pins on a single map), we are on the same page, but so does that mean that the limit refers pins showing up same time on the screen or total number of pins on a map (so moving around will lead to more pins appearing) if I have say, for the sake of the example, 3000 records ?

First off, we don’t enforce that limit at moment at all.

If we did enforce it, it would refer to geocoded (where you provide the address and Glide looks up the location) pins on one map, whether they’re currently visible or not.


Google Maps also has this kind of limit too: 1.000!

There’s a daily quota limit of 1.000 on the number of calls (for Gmail accounts) to the Google Geocoding service from each user per day.



Hello! I too would like more than 1,000 map pins. I’ve already reached 1,000.

And indeed it DOES look like just a see of red pins. Hoping that clustering comes sooner than later!
Really loving Glide Apps so far!