Data not syncing properly, only getting a fifth of my data

I have an old Glide app that I’ve been playing with on/off. Started uploading a lot of new data yesterday and have seen tons of error popups since then. The sheet went from about a thousand rows to just about 24.000.

So far the app only shows the first 4500 rows, how do I make it eat the rest?

My app’s URL:

Hi @boetter

Firstly a warm welcome to the community, great to meet you

Is your app a ‘free’ one?

If so data is limited to 500 rows.

Go pro if you need more

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For 24k rows to work, you’ll need the Pro plan.

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But its an old app that used to also hold a lot of data, hence your interface says my limit is 10 million rows?

It suddenly works now after the big Google crash. Coincidence?

Oh I see I didn’t know you had a grandfathered app. Yes that should work with that number of rows.