I get 2400 free row but still 500 row allowed

Screenshot 2021-03-13 070410

how about this…still 500 free row…i’ve reached 2400 row sheet…please help me

Any chance this app is in a team/org?

no…still mention storage full…new apps created


Not sure why, I have 600 and the limit is still applied for me on my personal dashboard.

If the problem keeps happening then I would advise sending an email to support@glideapps.com.

Have you deleted all the empty rows ?

thanks bro …for ur concern

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no yet bro…

So you should definitely do so and see if the problem disappears.

This link will help you :arrow_down:


thanks for your information…i am like and really appericiate it…thanks for ur helps…

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Can you please make a video, from your app dashboard, of how you got here? Please do not clip anything out.