Old Free limits applied

I have been on the platform for some time, playing some some small personal apps/pages. But when Glide updated the limitations on Free accounts from 100 rows to 500 rows, all of my projects appear to still on the older 100 row limitation.
Why is that?
Is there a way to change that?

Will from Dallas

Are these Apps in the “My Apps” folder, or a new Team Folder?
If they are in My Apps, then I believe they would still be subject to the old limits.

Your options would be to create a new team and move your Apps to that team, or request that your My Apps folder be migrated. See below:

I have created a new TEAM folder in my account, but there still seems to be a problem with row usage.

The FREE account should allow for 500 rows and I have 476 but the app is thowing a message that I can exceeded the row usage.

Are you using other sheets or tables in your app? Most apps have more than one, and the 500 rows is calculated from a total of these data sources.

Google sheets

I have three SHEETS in my Google Sheet

The Main sheet has 474 rows
I have an OPTIONS sheet that has 21 rows
and I have one other sheet with 1 row

Total is 496 which is CLOSE to 500, but not over

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Do you have a user sheet? Glide creates them automatically when a new app is created now. There may be some sample Glide tables that were created that you can delete - check in your data view.

@StinsonOwner Glide sees 517 rows in your app. You can see this on your Usage page.