How to clear whole column?

Got you @Uzo . And agreed. The best solution so far is to get it with scripts

i know, but i was creating tic tac game, and erasing links to glide images with a script was not effecting App screen, only when i did that with action it works, but takes very long time to see result in google sheet from that action.

Hola @Lucas_Pires

May you explain me better your solution because of I can’t understand it yet?

I have months “literally” look for a real way or trick with no success.
What I know so far is:
1- If you are using user specific columns, no script will be useful because that data doesn’t live in GS
2- If you use a Set Column action (to Clear Value or Write), this action will be done to one row only.
Although you can use a relation into Set Column action (Row field) the relation must be simple therefore, the problem still happens.
Instead, if Glide lets to use multiple relations the solution is almost done and we will be happier in 2021 but it’s not the case so far :upside_down_face:
3- I discovered a risky trick to erase all value associated to USC time ago: if you modify some values belonging to RowID (2-3 characters), the row’s data is deleted and it’s perfect but the same data is deleted to all users connected to APP at the same time and it’s a little chaos!

Let me compare your idea with mine in order to get a happy 2021 :partying_face:

Thanks bro.


i know all that, my quest is to clear whole column in one shot, not row by row… it takes forever and is giving confusing results on user screen until is finished

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Here’s a game that does what you want, I don’t have time to finish it up but the script is written to clear the column after game is over. You can have and use as you see fit.

look at the script written, it should be exactly what you need. The game works I just have to build for unique sign on for 2 players on 2 different devices. If anyone wants to finish and use have at it. It only needs a couple of hours of love to finish up.

  1. Yes
  2. Agree, we’d be happier with this solution. But not the case yet.
  3. What I did to delete Row ID column, I didn’t feel any change in my app. Actually I deleted it and create a Unique Key column because I still needed a UK column.
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Uzo is your app going to be a pro app?

Yeah, feel you Uzo!

As @gvalero said, we’d be happier in 2021 lol

but you have to sign in to play, my game you dont need to!
try it… go to “tic tac” tab without sign in

The sign in is for user specific. the script that clears the column doesnt care if you sign in, it has a trigger that identifies a win.

Will it be a pro app? This will make it very simple if it is.

for sign in users i dont have any problem do any hocus pocus ! lol

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Are you trying to do something like this?

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yes, but for not sign in users

If you have a pro app this takes 5 seconds to setup

yes i have pro, remember, i know how to do that for sign in users!

Why are you not doing that for non sign in users? Make that screen visible to all. I’m confused, what I just used doesn’t matter if it’s signed in or not. Doesn’t even use Glide.

ohhh… i guess my english is still not good.
in the sample i post im trying to make it for non sign in.
try it whit-out sign in you will see

If you don’t mind can you allow me to edit your app

video you post… can be play like this without sing in?