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Hi , hope everyone is doing fine , a quick question : is it still impossible to clear multiple rows for a user spe column? I’d like to create a button clear to ‘reset’ I mean to clear the entire column (a user specific column)… is there any way arround knowing that I’m using only glide tables. Thanks for your help , and yeah Happy new year ! :wink:

There’s no native way to do that as of now.

Here’s a workaround, it’s complicated but it works.


@Jason Please bring us set column > multiple!!!


Thanks for this it will take me some time to navigate through all of this… but it will certainly help. appreciate it

And delete row

That would be fantastic indeed. . . Huge fan Robert_Petitto , I sure did improved a lot thanks to your youtube channel. So now that you’re here let me say : Thank you man ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words!

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