Clear all values in a user specific column


I am trying to figure out how to clear values from all rows in a User-Specific column. Is this possible? I can do it using integromat ( but only if the column is in my excel file (using as database). But as the User-Specific Columns are held in Glide itself I cannot manage it. Doesn’t seem like the API will help either.

Any help much appreciated.



How does a user populate the USC? If set via Action, you can add a “set column” action and use “Clear” to clear the USC.

A user would click a button to clear, so yes via an action. But the set column action only allows for one row to be cleared, I need to clear all rows in a column at once.

I guess my assumption was that you wouldn’t need to clear the entire column at once if the USC is individually populated and thus individually cleared once the user clicks the button.

Someone else will need to comment as I am not aware of how to clear an entire column in a table.

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Ok thanks but I have looked at that. I don’t see how it works to clear a user-specific TEXT column. Doesn’t seem like I can relate back to this TEXT column to clear it. Am I missing something?

It doesn’t. Instead it uses a clever trick to make it appear like a whole column has been cleared. The same approach works for any type of column.


Ok I see thanks for this.