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I’ve got a multi-step form that uses a custom collection to display all questions dynamically - the source table for the collection has each question in a column (as opposed to a row), and each question has a few extra data points (a description, weighting, etc) each saved in columns of that table. I’m doing it similar to this video, so that to add more questions or categories (each category is a step in the form) all I need to do is add another row to the table and not update any hard-coded values.
The answers are all numerical, and to I use a user-specific column in this same table to capture them, so each element in the custom collection just needs a numerical entry field. To get submissions out of the table, I use a joined list in the Users table of all values in the ‘answers’ column, then split those in an output Google Sheet.

The problem I’ve encountered is in clearing the ‘answer’ column values after the form is submitted. Using a ‘set column values’ action only clears the first row’s answer, and since it’s a user-specific column (multiple users can be completing the form at once) I can’t use a Google Sheets script to clear it either.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or is there instead a way I can have the questions / descriptions in rows to use with a custom collection, but have the in-progress form save values into a row instead of a column?

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So you’re displaying a collection of questions and users would have to click on each question to answer it?

Each item in the collection is an action row, with the question as the title, and the action displays a slide-in of the description column (for more info about the question).
chrome-capture-2023-3-8 (1)

The data table looks like this, with the ‘score’ column being the one I want to clear on form submission:

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