🔄 Bulk clear, edit, restore and delete columns plus Undo action

A little fun with Glide columns, using Java :wink:
It works well and fast.
You can edit or clear the whole column in one click… then undo, edit, or restore all to default.
I used a regular inline list. You can still edit, add or delete individual rows as usual.
It is a free app with no scripts and no Google Sheets… Pure Glide Page (App)


Hi, Uzo!
Edit single row to stock 500, then bulk delete, thet restore and restored is 190 not 500

I don’t know what you mean. when you restore, it will go back to de default values

You can try to edit one row Stock value from 190 to 500
Then try to bulk dele stock column
Then try to restore
I expecting row value is 500 but actually restored is 190

Yes, 190 is a default value for this item. You can edit it… delete… clear… once you click restore, it will return to 190… same thing for names, images, categories

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Okay i expected step back, but you targeting to default. Good little trick

I can create a go-back function… not complicated :wink: not a bad idea… how many steps back?

How many steps?

3 is good?


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hahahhaha, ok ill do it after diner :wink:

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Ha, is beter 3333 because is the end of my phone number :upside_down_face:

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I can do unlimited, LOL
I will add, undo button

And it will be great trick!

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Thanks for testing! I will be back in 1 or 2 hours… Dinner time.

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I meant Google scripts. It is all native Glide features.

Ok… Undo is working!

Yeeh. Working perfect

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Thanks! I changed the default values to 10, so it is not confusing.