How to clear whole column?

is there a way to clear whole column? in action tab?

Hey @Uzo

Check this thread:
🚀 Set Column Action: Alter a DIFFERENT SHEET'S VALUES!

i’m looking to clear whole column, not row

I understand but at the moment there’s no native way how to clear a whole column. You have to have a workaround.

In one of those threads :thread: @Robert_Petitto explains how to do it and helped me how to achieve it in this app.

I hope that helps.


You can run a script that triggers a column reset. There’s a post I made called scripts scripts scripts. In there it tells you how to do this.

i know, but for some reason is not affecting cells with links to images, when im clearing images links in my sheets, you still can see them in app even after refreshing or reloading.
but when i clear it with action button, it disappear right-away, but i can only clear one with this technic

What’s your scenario for wanting to clear a whole column of images?

to set new ones and have empty icons showing that you can put new

there is one more problem, in action i cant clear item if is not on the first row in the relation, only clear when is in the first row.
i did reference and lookup for each row. and i created actions for each reference to each row, and only the first row work

Next question…when in your app would a user add images then clear them at all at once? What’s the scenario?

What I mean to say is, for what purpose is a user adding images and then wanting to clear them at once?

i’m creating a game, almost finish :wink:
go to tick tac tab

Ah…you and I are on the same page:


hahahah, yes but mine you don’t have to sign in lol

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now i’m gonna work on how to score the game whit-out sign in… lol
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Nice! Are you able to play on more than one device?

yes, on my phone Samsung galaxy and laptop Mac Pro, works good

I’ve been using this when I don’t have any Row ID column in my table. So I used Set Column action to clear value from every column I had in my table. It worked :grin:

:bulb: Workaround: One table I had a Row ID column that I created for my user-specific columns. I deleted it when I had no user-specific column to create anymore and created a Unique Key column… and guess what? Yes, also worked! :crazy_face:


Great one Lucas, forgot we can use the unique ID from an add row to serve as the “rowID” as well.