Ability to "Set columns", "Increment" and "Delete Rows" via multiple relations

Currently, the Action to “Set columns” only consider the current sheet or any single relations (to update a column in a single row). I’m trying to create a “bulk approval” process where the “set column” action could look at a multiple relation and update each corresponding row in that relation.


Lol, yeah, this doesn’t really have any solution. If you have gone through the rows using the app you can always use a combination of clear columns, go back, clear columns, go back, etc. and that will actually clear the path of columns filled out regardless of what rows you went through, as long as you went through rows to get to your destination that you need them to be cleared. With this solution you can get yourself back to the home page as well :slight_smile:

Yeah but that doesn’t really work when you can’t predict the number of rows that will need to be updated.

My thinking — currently can do single relation —> Action —> set column of related row.

My hope ---- multiple relation ----> Action ----> set column of all related rows. This could open up all kinds of possibilities and allow for bulk edits/updates. That being said, I don’t know if it’s not currently there because it’s just not technically possible to write to multiple rows at once.

@Mark — can you either crush my dreams or let me know if it’s a possibility? If you crush my dreams, I’ll just come up with a work-around. If it’s possibility, I won’t rack my brain trying to come up with the work-around! :slight_smile:


I think it is a feature that is coming, if it wasn’t then why would they have the field in set column with a drop down that says current row? You wouldn’t put that there if you didn’t plan on expanding on it.

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Figured out a work-around. It doesn’t actually change the values of the column, but it looks at the last submission and applies its value to the ones before it.

@kyleheney That will be possible at some point in the future, but I can’t give you a timeline.


Resurrecting this post. This feature would be a game changer in Glide, not only for functionality but also security (if the feature works within a Delete Row action as well). Would be forever grateful if this were prioritized. @david :pray:


Estou projetando essa solução de limpar coluna.
Ainda em teste.

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This isnt the same thing, yuo are having to go into the field via additional windows

I guess he’s using scripts when “Atenção” first row is empty, clears the other column which is getting the numbers/amount


This feature would be extremely helpful, a game-changer. Actually I have not seen any other platform to have done this.


Bumping. Please vote!


+1 It is critical that we have this function for batch updates and forms.

+100 Will be this ever be implemented? I wonder is there is an underlying limitation in how Glide is built that would make this hard/impossible to implement.

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