Ability to "Set columns", "Increment" and "Delete Rows" via multiple relations

No, but I made a short video to demonstrate how it can be done back when the Call API column was first made available.



Awesome, thanks!

Actually, I completely forgot that Bob made a full tutorial on this one:

I’m not sure if he actually covers calling the Glide API in the above, but regardless it’s probably well worth a look (as are all of his tutorials).


Ya…it’s a workaround for sure, but it’s still not a native solution AND it requires business plan.

Wish we had a a native set column —> multiple relation already. We’ve been asking since 2020.


Hey Mark, it’s the future now! Coming soon? :wink:


But still cannot use for User-Specific column, right?



Hey, first post, and I am coming from Appsheet. I got to say that I am very impressed with what I see so far, and that is why I am shocked that loops/iterations of creation or editing of records is something that Appsheet does better than Glide. I am looking forward to a future where this is possible.

Ooo…just wait :shushing_face:

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Don’t get into trouble :pray:

So true. This is driving me crazy on a project right now trying to make a workaround (without business plan) for something that seems so simple haha.

Glide is soon going to be enhancing the action editor. Within the next couple of months, this might be a reality.

For now, like how @Darren_Murphy suggests here is the way to go, is it not?