☎️ Call API Tutorial - Connect almost anything to Glide! (updated Aug. 21)

:wave: Hey Gliders!

Glide apps are now exponentially more powerful! Learn how to call any API securely and return data directly within Glide…in SECONDS. No Make or Zapier needed!

An introduction to API + JSON responses in Glide:

This introductory video covers how to:

  • find API endpoints that you can use in a Glide App
  • create API endpoints using a Construct URL column
  • call the API using the Call API action
  • fetch and read the JSON response
  • parse items within a JSON array onto their own row in Glide using the Miracle Method
  • query a JSON object in order to extract singular values from the JSON response
  • display the parsed results in a Glide Collection
  • take action on a search result

This additional video covers how to:

  • visualize the Call API process
  • construct an API endpoint using a Construct URL column
  • call an API using the Call API Column with Authorization Headers to retrieve data
  • fetch and read the JSON response
  • use the Call API action to update a record in an external database

Thank you for the tutorial

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I updated the original post with a new Call API and JSON tutorial video that takes a step back to explain API calls and JSON responses to the novice Glide developer. Here’s the new video. Watch this one first if Call API or reading JSON seems overwhelming to you:


:cowboy_hat_face: Now it’s much easier.

And with an easy-to-understand explanation

I’ll create an app and use all these features I’m learning
I will sell it to many users and make money
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When experts speak the language of students, students dream of being experts too.
Thank you very much.


Ha! Just south of Atlanta, GA if you’re ever in that area.

Great video!
What if the API doesnt support templated bodies only JSON encoded, like googles cloud functions.
I’ve tried encoding the json in glides table using the Json and parsing that but Im getting content-type errors.
If anyone knows how to do this please help

Can you link to the docs of a sample Google Cloud function call?