Glide API and JSON question

Hi glide friends,

I’m trying to create a row in a glide table via Zapier, using the Glide API and a JSON string.
BUT, it won’t work :smile:

Please see attached screenshot from Zapier.
Am I replacing the right information? Or should I really be replacing the stuff in front of the colons? Or am I missing something else completely?

Thanks in advance for your tips!


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It looks to be the correct structure for me. What response does it give to you when you run a POST request?

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Check your source data for any character or string sequences that might be invalidating the JSON. Unescaped multi-line strings is a common source of error.

Does Zapier have a “Construct JSON” module? If it does, I’d encourage you to use that to prepare your JSON payload.


Thanks ThinhDinh,

I’m getting this error in Zapier.

Also thanks to you Darren,
Inspecting JSON like you suggest is beyond my knowledge, I’m afraid :face_with_spiral_eyes:

In Zapier I’m using the “Custom Request”, but it also do have POST. See attached. Maybe I should give that a try.

Could you please show the rest of the details for the setup for this zap’s action? Once you select Custom Request there is a dropdown to select Post. Maybe you have something missing from one of the other selections…

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Yeah, maybe we need to see if the header has been added. I suspect this is an authentication error when there’s no authentication bearer key.

That’s not what I suggested :slight_smile:

Your source data is the data that’s being sent from Glide. I assume that inspecting your own data is not beyond your knowledge? :wink:
Some characters are reserved in JSON and can only be used if they are properly escaped. So, if the data that you are sending from Glide contains new lines or tabs (for example), then that would most likely invalidate your JSON, and Glide would reject it.

And the reason I suggested looking for a “Construct JSON” module in Zapier is because something like that would take care of the above for you, so you don’t need to worry about it.


Hi NFNHello,

Apologies for late response. I really appreciate you trying to help.
Here’s two screenshots showing the remaining fields. Still can’t get it to work.

Any tips would be massively appreciated.

Apologies for late response. I really appreciate you trying to help!
I posted two screenshots below showing the Zap. Do you see anything wrong there?


I don’t see anything obvious. My troubleshooting mind starts to wonder about a few things…

  • Your screenshot shows a green check for the Zapier Test action. Is this because you skipped the test, or did you resolve the original problem?
  • Does your app support API access? Only current Pro apps and above, and certain older plans allow API access.
  • Is your webhook using the information for the right app and table? Is it the same one you are verifying?

These are just shots in the dark and are based on my own personal mistakes. Hopefully they’ll help you figure out what’s going on.


Thanks NFNHello,

I skipped the test, and I’m running Business App.
I’ll double-check webhook information, but I feel I’ve copied it out from the app a thousand times to retry :slight_smile:

Thanks for shooting in the dark. At some point we’ll hit something!

Your URL is wrong. It should start with…


I remember recently seeing a different URL under the Show API menu. It looked similar to the one in the screenshot above. I never used it because I keep a note file for easy copy/pasting that has the one but there may either be a bug or something else. I went back to the app and it no longer has the other URL, so maybe it was fixed?

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Thanks for spotting this Robert. I swear it’s a copy/paste from Glide :face_in_clouds: – But as you say NFNHello, it might be a bug that’s been corrected.

I’ll try it asap and let you know.

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