API with Make (formerly Integromat)

Hi there,

Wondering if anyone has experience setting up Glide with Make.

Currently there is a Glide webhook module in Make that I’ve tried and I was able to send information from Glide to Make by using the Webhook action as the trigger (e.g. row ID etc.)

My query has to do with how to send some of these information back to Glide to update the specific row. I note that the API for the Tables uses POST and I’m not sure what parameters to put in the HTTPS module in Make for this.

Appreciate any advice thank you!

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You’ll find a video tutorial in the above. I think the tutorial might use Zapier, but the concepts are the same.


Robert walks you through the make process in this link


Hope this helps.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy @mmgt2005 @ThinhDinh !

The examples were really useful to follow! Managed to update some columns in Glide already on a test table!

Currently facing an issue where Make doesn’t send through the data I’m trying to put into a Glide JSON column. I know this isn’t a Glide issue but long shot if someone has had similar experience with Make.


  1. Webhook Triggered from Glide
  2. HTTPS GET from another site (returns the JSON data picture above)
  3. HTTPS POST to update Glide (able to update when i type random text like abcd but not when i select the data above)

Thanks everyone!

What exactly are you trying to update to Glide? That long string? Is it a single variable?

@ThinhDinh yes that long string. Sharing a screenshot of how i “GET” the string from a different api and the data that comes out which i think is a JSON since its wrapped in {}.

I put that Data variable into the POST but it isn’t sent over to Glide. Its likely a Make issue since when i put in static text like “hello” the columns update nicely in Glide.

Prefer not to use JSON parser to breakup the JSON since there are some arrays involved and it’ll be easier to use Glide’s built in jsonquery to parse for the child records directly. This way i only need to update the parent record through Make (free tier has limited operations). Have already tested this works in Glide by manually pasting that json result into a column in Glide.

I think you can try sending a toString(value) method to make sure that’s a string, not read as some sort of a JSON which can cause confusion for Glide.

tostring error

Thanks @ThinhDinh !

Seems to throw a Bad request in Make. (same bad request even without tostring())

Thank you so much for the advice, really appreciate you taking the time.

It may be about line breaks. Try to encode your string to URL and then decode it back in Glide.

My guess would be that because you’re embedding one JSON object inside another, the string quotes inside your embedded object are tripping things up.

There is another way to do this. Easier to show you than to try and explain in words, so here’s a short video:

Not sure if this will help in your case, but it might.


omg it works! Thanks @11183


Thanks @Darren_Murphy ! Really appreciate the time to respond to this non-Glide issue!

Agreed that that would be a neater way to set things up! Unfortunately I might not be able to get a paid subscription to Make at this point so trying to minimise the number of operations there.

@11183 's suggestion was a cool workaround in that Glide already has the built-in decoder so it could read the encoded url back into the json string.

Thank you so much for the sharing and the learning everyone! :slight_smile:


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