Pass information from Make to a Glide table

Hello, is it possible to pass information from an outside source to a glide table via Make (ex Integromat) ?

Yes, using the Glide API.

A Pro Team plan or higher is required.

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Okay so when I have the pro plan, a “custom action module” will appear ? Because for now I have this message when adding a Glide module to my Make scenario (c.f image).

I meant a Pro Team Glide Plan.
The Make Plan should be irrelevant.

How you use it depends on exactly what you want to do. But in general, you’ll be creating a JSON payload and posting that to Glide using a Make HTTP module.

There is a beginners guide in the doc that I linked to earlier, I’d suggest working through that to start with.

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Helllo back,

Actually, I want to update a Glide table row with a information coming from Quickbooks.

Why isn’t there a “make a API call” action for Glide’s module in Make ?

Can you explain a little bit more what you mean by “creating a JSON payload…” ?

Okay, that should be possible.

You would have to ask the people at Make that question :slight_smile:

The JSON Payload is the data that you send to the Glide API. When you go to the Glide Data Editor and use the “Show API Usage…” option on any table, the exact structure for each API endpoint will be revealed. All of this is covered in much greater detail in the documentation and tutorial.