Can we ever expect expanding the Glide module in Make?

For now this module is a little bit pointless. It’s just a webhook basically. Would be cool to have the ability to add row or set column through it. Like with GSheets.

For example, Add Row module could look like that:

  1. My Glide connection
  2. Choose Team
  3. App ID
  4. Glide Table
  5. List of Columns

I guess Glide API probably needs to be expanded to make smth like this possible. But I wonder is it on the roadmap?

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@Gideon_Lahav_Busines and I have asked about this as well. It would be great if Glide had an action module in Make with easy to configure Glide Table API settings.


I have seen you writing codes… why are you worried about Make? Just crush it with Java or GAS :wink:

I’m not promising anything specific, but new integrations are a big thing for us this year. :eyes:

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Coding is great, but Make is easier and faster to use) AND it has logs by default which is super handy.

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