Community Update: Glide + Make, better charts and more 📈

Hello Gliders! There’s a lot going on this week.

We announced our partnership with Make, along with the launch of our new Make integration. It’s now available on all paid plans.

We also announced the winners of our Glide Certified: Level 3 community challenge. Congratulations to Toni Nolasco, Myles Chaput, Stephen Redden, Daniel Nice, and Pedro Coelho!

New features, fixes, and updates :star2:

  • Improved styling, usability, and precision of line and bar charts
  • Line and bar chart tooltips now include more details
  • Improved collection header styling for tablet size
  • Gmail integration now includes an optional “from:” field
  • /mutateTable API now displays a useful error instead of “firstError”
  • Allow writing arrays of JSON and date-time values to Glide Tables
  • Fixed codec errors for no results in Google Maps integrations
  • Fixed overflow text in collection cards and slide-in detail panels
  • Fixed a bug where you could still edit your deleted custom actions
  • Fixed a rare case where Microsoft Drive accounts cannot be listed
  • Fixed a rare case where Airtable credentials might become invalid, requiring you to re-authenticate
  • Tidied up announcement cards in the Glide dashboard

Member shoutouts :medal_sports:

Shoutout to new members on the contributors leaderboard, including…

From the community :raised_hands:

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That’s it for this week!

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First reply :slight_smile:

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Awesome updates! :100:

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This is a massive deal! This has just opened worlds of opportunities. Congrats Glide team!

2 Likes is essential to automation! Thank you for the level 3 acknowledgement, it is much appreciated!


Hi, we have a Legacy Starter Plan (which shows Maker when developing any app), are we entitled to the Integration since it is a paid plan?

If you have access to the Make integration and can generate an API key, I think that should work.

Hey @NoCodeAndy, this is super exciting and long-awaited news.

However, I’d like to point out a little inconsistency in how Glide’s native Make modules handle column names and IDs.

In your “Add row” module, the UI is conveniently listing column names, like below:

However, your “Get a row” or" Get rows" modules output data using column IDs, like below:


At the same time, on a Maker plan, Glide doesn’t expose the column IDs because the “Show API” feature is locked.

I’d like to suggest that your tech team that works on this integration picks one consistent way to handle column names or IDs. Either use column names throughout all Make modules (and both taking inputs and rendering outputs), or use column IDs (but in this case, add a “show column IDs” feature to the menu that shows up when someone right-clicks on a Glide table in the Data Editor).

Thank you so much,


Thanks, but my question was if we are entitle to since it does nor show in our Account despite being a paid plan, although Legacy.

I can confirm that the Make integration is available in Legacy Business plans. I don’t know about other legacy plans.


We’re on Legacy Starter, and it shows up and works well.


It seems that I was missing a step, my bad.

I am looking to Get all Rows from a Glide Table but am getting this error inside make:

Cannot initialize the scenario because of the reason ‘Gateway trigger is required in order for this module to work.’

Scenario initialization failed with an error.

Would appreciate if correct steps could be explained, it seems to me that both Glide and Make docs are a bit contradicting :).

Can you try removing your Make integration in Glide, add it again, and check if the API key changes? If it changes, try initializing a new connection in Make and do it again.

I tried with a Legacy Pro team, it’s working normally for both Get Rows and Get Row.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback @Evgeny1 - I’ve shared it with the team. :+1:

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Are get row and get rows module working with any plan ? Think it is only working with business plan and above.

I was able to make it work with my Legacy Pro.

This suggests it’s working on Legacy Starter as well.

Should be working with any paid plans in the newest pricing.