Winners Announced: Share Your Best Glide + Make Scenarios 🎉

It’s official: Our new Make integration is now available

Fun fact: It’s actually an update to the existing Glide app on Make! Now you can add, update, delete, and get rows from your connected Glide Tables directly via Make.

See our updated docs for more details on using Glide and Make together.

This release also marks the beginning of our formal partnership with Make :sparkles:

More than 500,000 organizations worldwide use Make to build powerful custom solutions without code, and since so many of you already use Make alongside your Glide apps, a formal partnership just made sense.

Learn more in our announcement post on the Glide blog, along with a link to claim two free months of Make’s Pro plan with 20k monthly operations. :eyes:

To celebrate our Make launch and partnership, we want to see your best Glide + Make scenarios :hammer_and_wrench:

We’re looking for screenshots, screen recordings, slide decks, gifs… whatever works to show off what you’ve built!

One winner will receive:

  • Visa virtual gift card worth $500
  • One year of the Glide Maker plan
  • Glide merch pack

Three runners up will receive:

  • One free year of the Glide Maker plan

Submit your entries via X/Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube:

  1. Post your Glide + Make scenarios on your platform of choice
  2. Reply to this thread with your entries to make sure we don’t miss it
  3. Make sure you’re following Glide and Make on the same platform
    a. Glide on X/Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube
    b. Make on X/Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

The entry deadline is Friday, April 26th at 9pm PT.

Winners will be announced here in the community and contacted via whichever platform they shared on. Good luck - we can’t wait to see what you build! :raised_hands:


Challenge Accepted!

Everything starts off with a good webhook

Glide + Make = Endless Possibilities in Automation

Untitled design


This is incredible. @Myles_Chaput - What’s happening in this scenario? Can you describe the functionality here?


Mine’s not as complex as @Myles_Chaput 's automation, but the new integration came in big for me. It let me replace an old Make scenario with a new one. Excited to share because it really helped out the non-profit I was working with. Stay tuned on LinkedIn.


It might take me a long time to explain what is going on and it is quite long and boring!

Long story short, webbook fires from a PC based application sending data to my webserver for processing and parsing, then data is moved thru the scenario and from there its a giant if/then/else type of automation which relies heavily on the information that was passed over, and filters to ensure properly delivery of the data to my glide table of over 200 columns of data :smiley:

This is one of my “workhorse” automations, it eats around 15,000 tasks a month

Automation at work!


Here goes mine!!


:drooling_face: loving running python code within a scenario, game changing!

This was one of the craziest ones over the years.

I have two screenshots of the same scenario - a before and an after.

This one I’m particularly happy with because the original scenario - which was thrown together without too much planning - was very slow and inefficient. A typical run would take up to a minute, and use as many as 150 operations.

After refactoring the scenario, I was able to reduce the run time to about 3-5 seconds, and about a dozen operations. This represented a huge cost saving for my client. Most of the savings came through the use of array aggregation.

As to what the scenario does - essentially it receives a webhook from Glide, and then adds and edits several rows in several Glide tables, based on various conditions.

Here is the original:

And here is the refactored version:


I second revisiting scenarios for speed and efficiency!

Also if you are using an iterator and then a google sheets add or edit rows, you NEED this tool:

not only will save you thousands of ops, but it speeds up your execution major. I had one scenario that used to take about a minute to run and a variable amount of ops up to 200 ops, now its takes 12-15 seconds and is a consistent 36 ops


Is this a paid module or not? I think it’s just a wrapper using the Google Sheets API, which you can do yourself using the Google Sheets module.

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Does anyone know of a good tutorial on how to use Make in general? Not Glide related, just how the basic system works. I’ve used Zapier a lot and understand it well, but Make is set up so much differently and I’m having a hard time finding basic tutorials just because the word “Make” turns into too many other options in YouTube. Thanks!

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Try searching for “Integromat Tutorial” - you should get plenty of hits.


I still do this too. Or I’ll use “ tutorial”


In the future Make got so good it could it even could run time travel scenarios… so posting this for reassurance that soon Robert Petitto will post a Glide/Make tutorial that we all ended up using… sit tight.


I would also check their docs, it helped with some functions in my case.



Does anyone know how to make my scenario to work much faster? For example it takes between 30 second to 1 minute to generate de pdf.


IF only the step is taking a while, you can’t do anything about that, it will only go as fast as they can process it.


You sure can do this yourself, but my time was worth more when I bought this. It has already saved me more than it costed :smiley:

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