Community Update: New platform features, plan adjustments

Hello Gliders,

We’re back to our regularly scheduled community updates. There’s a lot to cover this week as we catch up on what’s been a very busy January!

Let’s dive in:

Gmail integration and Push Notifications are now on the Maker plan

You’ll see this update reflected on the website shortly. Please remember that push notifications are still in preview mode.

We’ll let you know soon about any further changes.

In the meantime, we’re still talking to users, gathering feedback, and following the conversations here.

Reminder: There are no changes to legacy plans.

Our Glide Certification - Level 2 challenge ends today

Winners will be announced next week!

  • 3 winners will get Glide merch and $100 in Glide credit
  • 10 additional winners will get $100 in Glide credit
  • All winners will be showcased on the Glide community and social

See the challenge thread for more details.

Say hello to your new global moderators

@Jeff_Hager, @Darren_Murphy, and @Robert_Petitto have been promoted to Global Moderator status. I’d also like to welcome @nathanaelb to the Community Moderators group!

Thanks for all your contributions to the forum. :pray:

New features, fixes, and updates

Recapping what we’ve shipped over the last two weeks…

New features and improvements


  • You can import Google Sheets directly to Glide Tables via the Data editor
  • Glide Big Tables now supports math column in rollups
  • Glide Big Tables now supports rollups over if-then-else columns

Actions & Integrations

  • Added the ability to duplicate your custom action steps
  • You can view run logs from your custom action sequences without opting in
  • A bunch of Glide AI improvements - it’s 8x more powerful!
    • Supports 4x more text input and output
    • Has more recent world knowledge
    • Text to Boolean, Text to Number, and Text to Choice are more accurate
    • Generate Text has access to a High Power model with 32x more text capacity
    • Text to JSON lets you extract structured JSON from text


  • A warning shows in the Data Editor next to Airtable sources connected via API key
  • A warning shows if you attempt to reauthorize a linked Airtable source that results in duplicate tables being added to your app


  • Cloudflare is now our recommended registrar for custom domains
  • Bar Code Scanner consumption reduced to 5 updates
  • Added a new hidden spacer as a Separator component
  • Hungarian language to Glide

Fixes and updates

  • sendEmailAction will be logged if it returns an error
  • Glide Big Tables now supports date-times and JSON in “Joined List”
  • Fixed a bug where some published apps were not calculated correctly
  • You can now delete data associated with a specific app user in Glide Big Tables
  • You can now copy text to clipboard from pages embedded via the Web Embed component
  • Fixed a bug that doesn’t allow selecting a multi-relation in the “delete row” action
  • Added translations for “Write Something”, “Done”, and “Clear All” on filters and comments
  • Fixed an issue where users could not generate a support link
  • The checklist component now adapts to dark backgrounds
  • You can now disable high contrast
  • Fixed an issue where the end date calculation was off by one day
  • The “add to home screen” popup now appears correctly on iOS
  • Fixed the usage cycles computation so more accurate usage is displayed
  • Enterprise clients cannot delete their teams

From the community

Fresh from the Glide blog:

From the forums:

Special shoutout to @Robert_Petitto for the new resources:

Have a hot tip of your own to share? Drop it in the Community Resources category.

That’s it for this week. Glide on! :zap:


Nice. Please add Glide Basic API to Maker plan.


How to enable markdown in column descriptions - I cannot seem to find it. Anyone?

Ah, that one shouldn’t have been included in the list. It was for our internal use of markdown in managing column description values. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Removing it from the list, thanks for the catch!

@NoCodeAndy ooh - it would have been so nice. We need something for documenting the app - inside the app


Wouldn’t it be great if the Webview component could go full screen for a more immersive experience?


Great suggestion for Feature Requests!

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I agree, I would definitely get a maker account if this or css was possible. I actually would be willing to pay more money for maker if it was allowed to do these options

Hello Andy
I’m new to the forum and I’m not sure if there’s a welcome section on the forum. I’m starting with Glide and I have a lot of questions, hoping to receive some help.
I hope to quickly improve my skills to also help others.
Thank you and success in your projects.

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We use Pro plan 2 years for POC and MVP with freemium price model for our consumers by Public apps and anyone optional sign-in. Most of app users choose Free plans. Only viable projects can atract to pay permanently, for example - $20 of ChatGPT, 7$ of MS Office 365 and $3 to $1 for most medium and small projects. If we start to pay $4 or $8 monthly per any active users by Team and Business plans, most ideas for consumers will not profitable. New plan Maker have not Glide API, GA4, GTM and Mixpanel integration for deep understanding of consumer behavior and qulity apps development.

As for me, with new Glide plans we cutoff big B2C market share and posibility for consumer apps and his owners, like Gliders.

Finding win/win monetization model is an important task for everyone. In this situation, is it possible to give unlimited Personal Users for Team and Business plans like Maker plan conditions?

Best regards!


Can Glide help us migrate to the new plans !! we have 3 legacy business apps using the same glide tables.
If we move them into a new team… will the apps get disconnected? re-connecting them is preventing us from moving into the new business plan.

The information that I was given is the general rule of thumb is:

Apps can be transferred from Legacy Teams to new Teams if:

  • they are not in a team that is on a free trial
  • there are no unpaid invoices in the current team
  • the new team has access to all features that the Apps are using

That said, your case might be a little more complex because you have multiple Apps sharing the same tables. Looping @NoCodeAndy in, he might be able to clarify further.

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I think cutting off B2C is exactly their intention, and it doesn’t look popular. But it also isn’t hitting the mark for internal business apps either, 20 users is so low, and $4-$8 is so high. They could have just increased the rates but instead decided to completely revolutionise the model, again.

Your solution makes a lot of sense.


Why you need to move to new team instead of upgrade current team?
Ah, you whant to save legacy on initial team:)

actually i need to move app to the client business account.

I am not planning to keep legacy and pay 250$ per month. I was planning to give it to client but now client wants new business plan.

actually you are right, best solution is to remove all other apps, upgrade this one & give it to client.


It’s sad to me, if it’s a conscious strategic decision, to forgo the opportunity to make accessible apps on Glide for the mass consumer market with a large number of free users. Many market leading applications started by recruiting a customer base for free and only then selected a model for monetizing their popularity. Requiring immediate payment for each user closes off a lot of opportunities to test user behavior and create user experiences that users will want to pay for regularly.