Chatbot assistant sourced from Glide files offers a wonderful service where you can make a free, custom chatbot using any ChatGPT model or other model out there. You simply go to the data editor, click “export” and upload the files onto a dataset to teach the model. You give it instructions on how to function, add a custom integration to your website or your Glideapp, and add abilities. To get an ad-free link without spending a penny, I found a workaround. You go to “Integrations” click “Website Widget” copy the code and paste it into a Google Sites embed. You publish the site, and then on the Chrome browser you right-click the bot and select “View frame source”. Copy the link on the address bar, and remove the parameter that states “?layout=pop”. Now you have a custom assistant you can embed on your Glideapp! (Using no third parties or worrisome Glide integrations)

The best part is that you can train the model to use your Glide data!

Thinking about using this on FarmlyNC… Working on it!

This is my use case: Cabbage: FarmlyNC’s AI assistant

Hi! Just tried to follow your method but got a little bit lost. Did you did it as a widget integration and then copied it into your glide app? (If so, how did you managed to connect the widget integration to the Dataset?). Or did you did an own chatbot and then you did the embed with your app?

Thanks for the help!

Sounds like he has a URL that is used in the Web Embed component.