Job offer - Glide & GPT assistant

Hello fellow gliders,

Im looking for someone to connect my chatGPT assistant in my glide app.
Not via the basic integration proposed.

I want my users to use seamlessly my GPT assistant for free inside my Glide app.

For now i can send them to my GPT outside of the app, but they need to pay for ChatGPT+ to use GPT.

Ideally i would also like my GPT answers to populate a Glide table…

Don’t hesitate to make offers in DM.

Have a nice day all!

You can reach out to Glide certified experts in the experts directory.

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I am an experinced Glide developer and would be happy to help you.

I’ve worked with integrating Glide apps with ChatGPT in the past, and I’m confident I can help you achieve a seamless experience for your users.

I understand the limitations of the basic integration and can develop a bespoke solution that meets your requirements, including populating a Glide table with GPT answers.

You can reach out to me on my email here


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