Connect Chat GPT bot to app


-If im using the OPEN AI integration in glide, can i use it as a GPT bot by putting a very long prompt of instructions? how i know if code interpreter is activated for example? (no switch on glide interface).

-To get the real bot/assistant experience (as on chat GPT plus, GPTs), Should i use the API column/action instead?
Someone knows how to connect OPEN AI api to glide?

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You’re limited by the tokens on that front, so theoretically you can do it, but you’re restricted on what you can input and what you can get back.

It’s not built in to Glide’s actions, as far as I know.

You have to get used to running API calls on the Assistants API.

Technically what you see is already OpenAI API calls, just not the endpoint you want.


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I will try to use OPEN AI with different endpoints. Probably several API columns required.

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Just updated the link to the correct API reference of Assistants.

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I have been able to achieve this by using Chat GPT with History. You can use the action editor to kick off the conversation using the same Session ID. In the first action, use the Chat with History action, add your instructions to the System prompt area, your Content as the Content and output as Message. You can then have a conversation with a Chat with specific instructions.

You can also us the Call API function to call on OpenAI Assistants that are set up with specific instructions, actions, and abilities.

Yeah, that’s how the Complete Chat (With History) action fundamentally works. However you can’t access assistant functionalities with it, so in that case you would have to resort to using custom API calls.


Yes that’s absolutely correct. I feel like you can get enough instructions in that first got with history action. The. You can kind of chain other GPT with history calls and their own system prompts. This kind creates agents that have 1 overall goal but then they also have their own instructions as well.

If I understand you right, that you mean adding the instruction only to the first message, it works until a certain point only though. When the conversation goes on for a while, that instruction will get out of the context window.

Yes. In that case it would be wise to use the API and communicate with the assistant.

With the context windows increasing, I hope this becomes less of a problem. The cool thing is that the history is reading from a Glide table if you’re set up that way. I’m not sure if that helps increase how long you can chat without the degradation of the conversation.

That doesn’t help. They just help you automatically cut out the oldest part of the convo so you won’t surpass the tokens limit.

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