✨️ Read My Book - My personal app to save all my bookmarks enhanced with AI

Last night while I was reading, I really wanted to highlight certain sections from the page I was on. Ideally I would do it using a highlighter, a pen or by folding the page only to never return back to the book ever again.

If I was a little more serious, I would take a picture and save a note on any note taking app but last night I got an idea to leverage AI.

Particularly 3 features:

  1. Image to Text
  2. Voice to Text
  3. Text to Choice

Sat down today to build the app quickly and I not have my own bookmarks app fully powered by Glide AI, built in less than an hour.

I simply have to take a picture of the book I am reading and then save notes of the pages I like by taking pictures and leaving voice notes.
GlideAI does the rest.

Here’s the super simple app link: https://read-my-book.glide.page

What features should I add?