🤖 Glide AI Playground

I’m working on a playground so people can explore and understand the new features shipping soon with Glide AI: https://playground.glide.page/

Please give it a try and make suggestions–what examples should I add? How can I make these ideas even more accessible?

I’m still planning to add:

  1. A unique icon
  2. A login screen background
  3. Docs and videos for Glide AI
  4. The Image to Text feature

Great initiative!

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Playing! Image → Text so much more approachable than Azure




This didn’t work for some reason:


In Audio to Text, is it possible to predefine the maximum allowed recording time for each user recording?

If we can have a tool capable of creating charts on the fly using AI, I’m sure I’ll have a heart attack, but I’ll survive to use it! :muscle:

This is a good example: https://www.graphmaker.ai/
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This is great! I’ve been playing with it a lot outside of Glide and my question has always been about how to build these without having to recompute entire columns of data with the LLMs as that would get unruly expensive. But, the responses have to be relatively quick to be useful, especially for mobile users.

Excited to see what you come up with!

Can you build a specific control column that should only fill out the template for the prompt if it’s populated? This way, it will only be activated for a specific row and when there’s information."

Another potential use could be to assess the fairness of clauses within contracts. Of course, not to replace an actual attorney, but great to help build arguments during negotiations.

The results seem to be pretty consistent, but it takes a while to fine-tune a prompt that provides reliable non-biased results.

Here is a prompt that seems to work reasonably well:

Assign a percentage score split to assess the fairness of this clause where a higher percentage means more in favor of one of the parties?
Increased responsibility, risk or liability, or potential revenue loss should count negatively towards the score of the party affected. 
Provide reasoning.

Here a screenshot with a sample output: