Internal Uber Apps transport with glide

Hello community,

I hope you’re doing well ?

First of all I am French and I use a translator.

I am delighted to be part of this adventure for 2 weeks and I find this solution truly innovative for entrepreneurs like me.

I focus all my research and expertise on transport and logistics.

One of the fundamental elements in transport is the relevance, reliability and good timing of information distribution.

It’s ultimately a logic game that is quite easy to reproduce and Glide does the rest.

To reproduce a tracking application similar to Uber, we used the following tools:

  • Integromat.
  • Airtable (possible with sheet I think).
  • Glide.
  • APIs, URL constructors etc.

On the functionality side, we are quite satisfied with this first result:

  • All members of the company are informed of each other’s schedules.
  • The Waze GPS launches by itself.
  • The system calculates the journey time in relation to the scheduled departure time and indicates to the driver whether he is early or late.
  • Click to call.
  • 4 tracking stages (approaching, on site, pick-up ok and journey finished) and geolocated by click of the driver.
  • possibility of noting the journey or reporting a problem for the driver.

At the same time, we have developed a tool that alerts our operational managers of delays, who can make a decision before the driver even asks the question.

It is a fundamental change in the internal functioning which today allows:

  • Reduce communication friction by 80%.
  • To no longer make errors in transmitting information.
  • Increase in volume processed by 25% over the period.

In construction :

  • Dashboard for managers.
  • History of journeys with map integration of the route taken.
  • Creation of a link with our customers so that they have their equivalent interface.

I leave you the video of V1 in link to understand how the application works.

I will be happy to collect your feedback and I am preparing documentation to make this model available, free and accessible if it can help creators to be game changer.



la limite des lignes est suffisant pour toi?


Pour le moment oui, nous avons une partie sur airtable et l’autre sur Glide suivant le « type » de données traitées.

Mais même si on sépare ça Glide ne contrôle pas tout ?

La solution est montée avec :

  • airtable
  • make
  • glide

Je ne sais pas si je répond à votre question.

Donc tu fais une sorte de rotation des données ?

Désolé pour le temps de réponse. C’est ce que nous faisons oui sur une période de 1 mois. Ensuite nous considérons les données comme « mortes » et nous stockons celles-ci pour des analyses de rentabilité par exemple.