✨ Glide Integrations (Radar, Pexels, Google Calendar, Gmail/Outlook, Twilio)

:wave: Hey fellow Gliders!

I’m launching a new series on all the wonderful new integrations that Gliders can add to their Glide apps.

Without a single line of code, integrate with dozens of platforms:
:point_right: Integrate OpenAI
:point_right: Send Slack or Discord messages
:point_right: Create PDFs with PDFMonkey or Urlbox

First up—

:compass: Forward and Reverse Geocoding with Radar


Radar: Forward/Reverse Geocoding, Trip ETA, Address Autocomplete

✨ Glide Integrations (Radar, Pexels, Google Calendar, Gmail/Outlook, Twilio)

Pexels: Generate Stock Photos from Text

✨ Glide Integrations (Radar, Pexels, Google Calendar, Gmail/Outlook, Twilio) - #21 by Robert_Petitto

Google Calendar: Create and Invite to Events

✨ Glide Integrations (Radar, Pexels, Google Calendar, Gmail/Outlook, Twilio) - #33 by Robert_Petitto

Gmail/Outlook: Send Email from a Dedicated Account

✨ Glide Integrations (Radar, Pexels, Google Calendar, Gmail/Outlook, Twilio) - #36 by Robert_Petitto

Twilio: Send SMS & WhatsApp Notifications

✨ Glide Integrations (Radar, Pexels, Google Calendar, Gmail/Outlook, Twilio) - #37 by Robert_Petitto


Of course you are! Thank you very much :heart_eyes:

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I’ll try to add 1-2 integrations weekly. I won’t be able to do all of them because I don’t have accounts for all of them, but I’ll do my best to showcase the possibilities for most of them!


Thank you - Twiilio and the two calendars (Google/Outlook) would be at the top of my wish list :wink:
But I suspect there are others out there like Radar that I will be blown away with, I just don’t know about them yet.

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I wanted to start off with an “easy” one (Radar). Twilio might be my next video.

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Which one of these API keys do I want from Radar?
CleanShot 2023-03-17 at 12.43.49@2x

Live Publishable


PDF Monkey PLEASE!!!

@Robert_Petitto I would like to use Radar to do the opposite of your excellent video - to put in the address and convert to coordinates so that the map is more accurate, as I have seen many posts indicating that addresses are often not mapped accurately.
However, when I use this integration to create coordinates from an address, it rounds off the coordinates in a way to prevent accuracy.
Here is a screenshot of what I added to my app:

The google coordinates I am getting from the address bar here:

When I map out each of these options, neither google or Radar is correct based on the actual location:

Interestingly, when I enter the address in Radar’s simulator (on their site) it shows the correct location with a much longer/more accurate pair of coordinates. I have not been able to find anything on Radar that would let me adjust accuracy settings to use with the integration. Any thoughts?

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@Jason can you check to see if the Radar integration is truncating / rounding the GPS coordinates?



Greetings to all.
I have just discovered the new additions, thanks to @Robert_Petitto usual video. The banner inviting me to experiment with this tool initially appeared, but I did not initially approve it and now I do not know how to find it again. Could someone point me to it? Excellent video Robert, as always!

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Thank you @Robert_Petitto!! Would love to request Pexels to the list.

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Thanks Bob as always.
Your efforts and contribution is priceless. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learnt just from your tutorials. If it was not for your tutorial on pages, I would probably still be using Apps…lol :hugs:
Great job and I look forward to all the upcoming tutorials…

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Does it appear when you go to the “home” page of a team?

Ooo good idea! I should do a side-by-side video that shows how to build a Glide App as it compared to how I would have built it in Classic Apps


No, but it appears if I go to a project created for the page. All those prepared for mobile, do not have this option.

I posted about this yesterday. It is only giving back two decimals.

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Yes, these integrations are only for Pages (now called Glide Apps), not Apps (which are now called Classic Apps).

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I found the issue. Two things inbound to help:

1 - The format for the Latitude and Longitudes will now be configurable.
2 - There is a prebuilt output which is a full precision lat,lng string. No template column needed.


Thanks @Jason for checking into this!