How does push notifications work?

Hi, I see glide has a new push notification feature. Can someone share a screen recording of now does it work how the user gets the notification?


SO cool!

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Any update on when we’ll get these? It’s been almost a month now and I’m itching for them!

It is available when you opt in for new integrations, and using Pages (not Apps).

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Only available on pro plans.

So has it gone live yet or not?
I saw the new integrations announcement, as well as the announcement that Glide will be migrating Pages and Apps into just Apps… but no mention of notification in either

It’s there if you join the beta.


Thanks Jeff!

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Do you know if it will only ever be available on pro or is this just during beta testing? Is there/will there be hope for a workaround? My app is used for personal use by a really small group (5 people), so Pro is not really an option for me.

Can’t say for sure, since it’s beta there might be changes here and there when it goes to the next step. I wouldn’t hold hopes for it though.