Push notifications are now in Glide 📲

Hello Gliders! :wave:

As many of you are likely aware, Apple has not allowed push notifications for web apps.

That changes today.

With the launch of iOS 16.4, we’re excited to announce another great leap forward for companies building software with Glide:

Push Notifications :calling:

As of today, Glide teams on Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans can send targeted, timely communications to their app’s users.

We’ve put together a few resources to help you get started:

Important notes for accessing push notifications:

Ready to get started?

Have any other burning questions or comments? Let us know below!


This is awesome news that I’m sure a lot of users will enjoy!

Any plans/capabilities around Push Notifications for Android?

Cool :+1: :+1: thanks Glide team! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :grinning:

Android has always been able to do Push Notifications. It’s Apple that’s been holding up this feature for several years. So, yes, it will work for Android, because it’s always been capable of doing so.


Is there a pricing structure in place for Push Notifications? Does each notification count as an update (and is it 1 update per user or 1 update per notification)?

Each push notification currently costs you 5 updates. (There is a message attached to the integration)

5 updates is not the final number so in the future it could be a bit less. Plan accordingly.

Edit: it costs one update per recipient now


:hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

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It’s lit :fire:

They have updated it to cost 1 update, I think last week.


Actually, I’m not seeing the update and I have two workspaces on a Team Business and Pro account…

Have you opted into the integrations beta? There should be a blue banner at the top of your team.

Yes, for both

Is this for web app only? The two apps I attempted to turn on push notifications are mobile apps, when I tried on the web app, I saw it.

Yes, all new integrations are only for the new Glide Apps (formerly Pages). Classic Apps won’t get this.

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Got it. With this being specific to mobile, seems like a missed opportunity

The new Glide Apps have been much better since their release, on the mobile version. Still a long way to go, but Glide is sunsetting Classic Apps to fully focus on Glide Apps.


I know, I think it should be reiterated in documentation. Especially for newer Gliders

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