Push notifications are now in Glide 📲


What kind of notification can be send here?

It’s just a text?

A notification with title, message and when clicked, it will lead users to the “link to screen”.


Pushing notifications externally would be great. I need API integration to do that.

The objective is to notify the user that he has been assigned a new lead or task directly from the API.


I could be mistaken and I’m happy to be corrected so I can improve my understanding, but as far as I understand push notifications on PWA’s, these are web push notifications delivered through the Chrome and Safari browsers.

I tested push notifications on an Android smartphone, iPhone, Chromebook (Chrome) and Macbook (Safari) and received the notifications on all devices.


What do you mean by “externally”? A push notification is a website or app publisher sending a notification to a user via its app (mobile push, opt-in required) or its website (web push, opt-in required).

Note that there is also such a thing as in-browser and in-app notifications to active users that do not require an opt-in.

I wanted to let my user send notification when new lead generated via make.com’s scenario.

As of now in glide, if someone clicks/actions on particular button in app itself, then push notification can be happen.
There isn’t anything about get notified without interacting interface.


I believe he means triggering a push notification via the Glide API.
It’s an interesting idea, and if implemented would probably also open up the possibility of App to App push notifications, which some of us have asked for.

Think of the example where you have two or more Apps sharing the same database, and you want an event in one App to trigger a push notification in one of the other Apps. Being able to trigger a push notification via the API would facilitate this.



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Are you asking a question Nathanael?

I’m simply saying that most use cases will be using this for mobile notifications. But we’ve established that Glide’s priority is not the classic mobile format they started with. So it makes sense that this feature is not available for the classic version.

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Oh dang! I have a great app I built that is a classic app. Am I going to have to rebuild it on Glide apps? Or can it be switched over somehow?

Glide seems to be working on a way to allow Classic Apps to be transformed into an App. There is no indication as to when this will be possible.

If you are in a rush, for the time being you’ll have to rebuild.

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I’m not technical so I’m not sure. But I think there is no mobile push. Only browser push. If the app happens to be open on a mobile, then the notification appears to be a mobile push. And if the app happens to be open on desktop, then the notification appears to be a web push. The form factor of the device plays no role.

I think the point she’s making is that notifications aren’t available on Classic Apps, and that’s what she meant by “mobile”. Not anything to do with how notifications work…just that it’s not an available integration for classic apps.


Don’t think too much into it. We’re all talking about the same thing


Was planning on releasing this tomorrow, but thought it would help answer any questions y’all had:

I’m still figuring out the optimal user flow for enabling / sending push notifications, but hopefully this helps!


Essas notificações só estão funcionando para sistema ios?

It should work for Android as well.

Ja fiz de varias maneiras conta como edição, mais a notificação não chega!

If you can give us some screenshots or a video of how you’re setting things up, that would be great.

Wendel, vc precisa criar a ação de “request push norification” antes. Vc chegou a fazer? Pq assim o usuário ativa as notificações, e depois disso o envio das notificações funcionam

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