Can Glide Apps now receive notifications for android & iOS?

Hey guys, just checking if Glide Apps can push notifications to a users device (the notifications banner etc) for both android/iOS etc
And if so, how to learn about this, any good docs/videos etc
Thanks in advance

Not yet, it isn’t a Glide restriction, this issue is mainly caused by Apple.


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Okay, nice. And any tips on how to set this up in my apps?

Try this workaround and let us know your opinion Push Notification de Aplicativos Glide no iOS - YouTube

I haven’t tested it but at least, it looks smart.


Thanks for that. But what i’m really looking for is the banner notifications & badge icons that pop up on your device when someone leaves a comment on a chat within a glide app. I’ll attach a photo. I’m not sure how to set the app up so show notification banners and badges. Also can’t find documentation etc or videos. Thanks👍

Once Apple iOS allows push notifications in late 2023, then I’d be willing to bet that Glide will add functionality to do push notifications.