Any updates regarding notification banners and badges?

What’s the closest Glide has to messaging one to one or one to many.
Ideally the message should pop up on a home icon as a round red badge indicating how many notifications there are OR as a notification banner that shows in the control centre.
Things are progressing so fast on Glide so i was wondering if that is already possible or if there is a timeline for those features.

I doubt that’s going to be available any time soon, since as of now it’s still treated as a bookmark in iOS. I’m not sure about the Android side.

What’s wrong with browser notifications? why is this not implemented?

Because Apple hasn’t allowed it yet. If glide fully implemented notifications, it would only benefit Android users, and lead to a lot of complaints from Apple iOS users wondering why notifications don’t work. It’s not a Glide issue. It’s an Apple issue.


But Apple does allow it, and Glide actually even implemented a basic version of it for the chat…

I’m sure that there are other references as well:

Not for PWA’s on mobile as far as I know. From what I understand, we are still several months out from having that feature. Even if they have something now, I’m assuming it’s only half baked and not available in all scenarios.



Good to hear this, it’s such a small thing next to all else that Glide has achieved but i believe it’ll open up massive opportunities when this feature is live on Glide.

Anyone got any quick suggestions or tutorials videos for the closest feature that Glide has to notifications? Even if it only works with android. Any ideas for work-arounds? etc

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These are the only native notifications that are supported at the moment (Android Only).

For anything else, you can build your own in-app notifications using component visibility, filters, etc. to show something on the screen when needed…but a user has to open the app to see it. Otherwise, you’ll have to use some sort of third party integration to send SMS or Emails.


Okay thanks, will check this out👍

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I had this question last week and followed this thread In-App Chat Notification

And then this tutorial by Bob: Bubble dynamic in tab menu, with CSS?

Haven’t completed it yet since it requires so much copy paste, but I hear it works well and still stable! Add Zapier on top and should be a great compromise :slight_smile:

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If you mean the CSS, then it’s not officially supported and can break any time.

Yeah Bob said you have to copy paste to every single detail screen. Haven’t been up to the task yet!

ewww, don’t do that :roll_eyes:

Add your CSS to a template column somewhere, and then use Single Value columns to add it to every table where it’s needed, then use that Single Value column in the Rich Text component.

Then if you ever need to edit it, it only needs to be edited once.


Wait wait wait haha! If i never would have posted i would never know this, oh man. But this tutorial was a recent one, Im wondering why he didnt mention this was an option instead of hours of copy paste. Thank you!! I’ll have to try that.

Which Tutorial?

I’m sure Bob would have said the CSS needs to be added to every screen, but he might not have mentioned how. There is more than one way to skin a cat :wink:

Haha true indeed. Its the tutorial i linked above. His response to the bubble alerts. He did a video and said it has many pros having a bubble alert but the cons is having to manually copy paste CSS…and everyone responded oh nooo :slight_smile:

Bob said…

He didn’t say anything about copy/paste :wink:

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Oh! Semantics game I see :slight_smile: