Push Notifications for PWAs (iOS 15.4 Beta)

Hi community, I found this article at Macrumors.

Hope soon web based apps could send push notifications. :raised_hands:t4:

With the first betas of iOS and iPadOS 15.4 released last week, Apple added a “Push API” toggle in the Experimental settings page for Safari, as spotted and explained by developer Maximiliano Firtman. As noted by Maximiliano, while the toggle is visible, the API itself is not yet enabled, and Apple has yet to implement a UI prompt into Safari on iOS to ask users for permission to display web-based notifications.


Well that, if it pans out, and assuming Glide support it, is a total game-changer.


Hi there :wave: I just stumbled upon this too:

  • Faster loading for Web App Manifest
  • Icon support for Progressive Web Apps
  • Web push notifications support is finally coming to iOS and iPadOS. Seems to be a work-in-progress.
  • WebXR support is also available in experiments. To support Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset.

iOS 15.4 beta: push notifications, WebXR and improved PWA support


Everyone pray!


I’ve never prayed before, but just for you Glide I think I’m willing to try.


Update on ios 15.4 : Push Notifications, WebXR, and better PWA support coming to iOS - firt.dev
Web push is now supported but not totally…


This is going to be big

@david Let’s assume our prayers our answered…how would Glide theoretically send push notifications to users?

Would we have a “send push notification” action? These would only be user-triggered actions (as all actions are), so that would rule out time based push notifications, correct?


It could be like this:

-When a new row appears and corresponds to the user

-When a new row is updated is corresponds to the user

-When a new actions is executed send notification

-When a chat message appear

Or also manually send push notifications to all users to announce a new one, send only to users corresponds to category 1.

I think many scenarios can be imagined and created.

That would be great, except the first two scenarios don’t exist in Glide. Glide currently doesn’t have a “wait for new rows” trigger. It would have to triggered by the user who creates the new row as part of a custom action sequence.


Maybe glide should think about creating them?

If they would bill us based on “usage” of those I think more than a few people would be willing to pay.

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This is not what costs push notifications the most, at adalo for example it is unlimited and in native apps.

Isn’t it because it’s “native” that it’s easier to do push notifications?


iOS 15.4 has been released. Is the dream still alive?


Probably not til 16.1:


Maybe iOS 16 :crossed_fingers: - although I except the glide engineering team would need to work their magic to take advantage of it


Such awesome news! Thanks for sharing @Rosewebstudio. Also coming in iOS 16…ability to mark text msg as unread. Why it takes Apple so long to release a no-brainer feature is puzzling. Maybe they just like to give themselves a pat on the back. :rofl: