iOS 16.4 FINALLY allowing PWA push notifications

Not sure which category to push this in. Apple is finally allowing this! Starting in iOS 16.4, web apps saved to the home screen can now use push notifications. The web app cannot automatically force a push notification request message, the user has to interact with the app (for example, a button click), then the request to allow push notifications will come up. Apple says they’ll work the same as regular app notifications, and can even show notification badges on the app icon.

I just always see this question here and it’s been at the top of my wishlist for a while, so I’m happy to know it’s finally possible! Excited to see how Glide implements it :slight_smile:


At the moment Glide dont have a notification system (native), but i hope with this announcement they add this feature.

Have you a link of this announcement?

We’re already working on it.


Here’s the link to the Safari 16.4 beta release notes. It’s under “Web Apps”.


Here’s an underrated note too: * Added support for third-party browsers to offer Add to Home Screen from the Share menu.


REALLY exciting things are about to happen. Okay Glide…ball is in your court now!


True !

Check this out! I have no use for Apple products, but this is an exciting development for Glide and the future of web apps! David says it should be available in about a month!


It is a game changer !

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